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How to Find Out if a Website Uses WordPress


There are plenty of websites built with WordPress, even if it’s not always apparent. So what can you do if you simply must know whether your favorite site is one of them? You could ask the website administrator, but if you’re in a hurry, there are two easier ways. The first is the quick-and dirty approach: Right-click the page in your browser, choose View Source to bring up the page’s raw HTML, and then hit Ctrl+F to launch your browser’s search feature. Hunt for text starting with “wp-”. If you find wp-content or wp-includes somewhere in the mass of markup, you’re almost certainly looking at a WordPress site.
Another approach is to use a browser plug-in, called a sniffer,that analyzes the markup. The advantage of this approach is that most sniffers detect other types of web-creation tools and programming platforms, so if the site isn’t based on WordPress, you might still find out a bit more about how it works. One of the most popular sniffers is Wappalyzer , which works with the Firefox and Chrome browsers.