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How to Find Your WordPress RSS Feed URL


Your WordPress site automatically generates an RSS feed for your posts. Then you can use a RSS validator to check if your RSS is valid or not and your visitors can subscribe to this RSS feed using a feed reader, and receive your updates when you publish new posts.

In this post, we have shown how to find your feed URL so that people can read it in their mailboxes, feed reader and/or other devices.

How to Find Your RSS Feed

The RSS feed in your wordpress website will always be installed in the /feed/ directory. For example, if your site is www.yourwebsite.com then your feed can be found at the following location: www.yourwebsite.com/feed/.

Try visiting your site and adding “/feed/” to the end of the URL now. You will see the XML file that is the RSS feed of your WordPress website. Here’s what the Compete Themes RSS feed looks like at the time of writing this post:

You can use this feed URL to embed or share your feed anywhere online.

By default, WordPress does not provide a way for you to promote it on your site. The only way is to link to it, so visitors can read it in their mailboxes, feed reader and/or other devices.

As for sending readers notifications when new posts are published, FeedPress is an RSS-based solution that will let people subscribe to your feed and receive simple email notifications. Also, check out these other solutions for sending new post notification emails.


No matter how you choose to send notifications for new posts, RSS will be at the heart of it.

Knowing where to find the RSS for a WordPress site will help you promote your feed, and find feeds for other WordPress sites you follow.