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How to Make Money With GoDaddy


Learn how to make money with godaddy

GoDaddy is a domain name registrar and hosting website,also it can  allow you to develop an online business module. It allow you to make money by cash parking and affiliate marketing. If you have a re-seller hosting then you can earn residual income by selling hosting packages. In this post you will learn how you can make money with GoDaddy.

Cash Parking

If you own any domain and  you are not using it, then cash parking will help you earn revenue. Cash parking plan of GoDaddy turns your domain into an advertisement page which will generate revenue when people click on the link. In basic plan you will get 60% of revenue. GoDaddy need a monthly fee to set up a cash parking account. After that you can park unlimited number of domains.

cash parking make money with godaddy

Affiliate Program

You can work as an affiliate for GoDaddy. You can earn income by referring customers to the GoDaddy. When you become affiliate then you get access to their unique banners, links and advertisements of GoDaddy, which you can put on your blog or website. When a customer come to GoDaddy site through these link and purchase a email address, hosting or domain then you will earn a commission.

As a Reseller

GoDaddy also give you opportunity to make money with reseller hosting and domain. You can purchase private server and sell web-hosting plans. Reseller hosting also benefit you with greater up-time stability and loading speeds as you have your own server. It also provide you complete control for your server. You can also setup your own personalized plans and bill customers accordingly.They will setup your own custom shop to sell their hosting and domain.

By Selling Coupons

GoDaddy affiliate marketing also give you opportunity to sell coupons for GoDaddy services. GoDaddy coupons allow you to set up your own coupon code and provide discount for hosting, emails and domains. For this you just need to purchase hosting and domain from GoDaddy.

Payment mode:

1.You have the option to get the payout into your bank account.

2.You can also get the payout into your Paypal account.


If you want to setup your own domain and web-hosting business or you want to work as an affiliate, in both ways GoDaddy help you. You can be affiliate or create your own hosting business and make money with GoDaddy.

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