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How to increase your blogs organic traffic without any money ?


There are myths that  you can only gain organic traffic in your blogs by investing a lot of money but in reality this is not the case. You can increase organic traffic without spending a single penny by following some well strategized techniques. Blogging is one of the strongest and elite marketing mediums presents on the web nowadays. Organic traffic or search traffic is the process to proceed with because it assist you to reach the most targeted audience required. If you really want to market your blog you just need to put your foot right so I will discuss with you some interesting ways to reach out more audience without making holes in your pocket.

  • Optimization for your blog posts– People are always keen to gain information through online blog source and this is one of the best way to fulfill the needs of information and knowledge in the web.
    SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the most demanded marketing technique to rank your blog searches in the search engine. Try to make your blog more search engine friendly by using desired keywords. Using long tail and necessary keywords can become a vital weapon to hit the desired audience. You have to keep an eye on SEO checklist to proceed. You can easily get thousand of visitors everyday in your blog if you use a better titles, tags, URL and broken links etc. Optimizing a blog can be a pretty daunting task for newcomers in the field of blogs but it is very invest free method to gain organic traffic for your blog without making any investment.  Some necessary processes required in SEO includes on page SEO, off page SEO and ON site SEO which must be learnt to become a damn good blogger.
  • Create a good to read well optimized content– Content writing is the another important step that you must follow to increase organic traffic and generate more shares and views for your blog.
    As we all know a unique and epic is the important requirement for blog readers. A lot of surveys suggested that writing a long-in depth content helps you to get indexed easily on the search engine without putting extra effort. Content is the boss so you must write content with great semantics and long tail keywords. Long in depth content with valuable information is the ultimate necessity if you really want users and audience to subscribe to your blog and become regular readers.
    Try using Free available automated software tools to make least grammatical mistakes for your blogs which can ultimately help you organic traffic without spending a real penny. You must research for a lot of SEO optimized keywords before writing down your content. Google keyword is the best tool to look for desired keywords. Good articles with pleasant information can help your reach skyscrapers .
    Use primary and secondary keywords to inform the audience what the article or content is about.
    Verdict- Don’t put unnecessary keywords which can make your content and blog vague. Stuffing excess of keywords will not work out to drive traffic in your blogs. All you need to do is use appropriate well researched long tail and short keywords which can provide pleasure to your readers and audience while reading it.
  • Try building links using SEO – Link building is an important step in Search Engine Optimization so it is significant to place quality links at the correct place in your blogs. Uniquely abstain from falling into the trap of purchasing backlinks for purpose of enhancing your search engine positioning as Google have revealed an algo upgrade called penguin redesign, which will signal every such site who are utilizing spam approaches to get links to the site. The best and simple approaches to get link to your webpage is by Guest posting and blog remarking. Compose content which are exceptional as well as pull in natural backlinks, which will help the most.
  • Try using popular links by visiting the most read blogs in the Web. Make a list of most popular blogs in your industry and look for most read articles in their blog to backtrack link for your own blog which can assist to achieve audience traffic without spending a single penny. Extraordinary articles will probably be linked from sites in light of the fact that the asset is helpful. They are additionally more prone to be shared on social media administrations. Both of these things lead to a higher positioning in search engine comes about, which thus prompts more shares and approaching links being produced.
    Invest energy composing instructive very much researched articles that individuals. Take care of issues for your gathering of people and they will share and link your blog articles normally.
    Note: configure Google analytics for your blog and collaborate with Google Web Master tools to analyze the increasing traffic for your blog.
  • Try focusing and promoting your existing articles with intelligence– it’s anything but difficult to concentrate a lot on making new blog posts for traffic era, while totally disregarding the current substance on your blog. Each bit of substance on your blog, regardless of how old, is an advantage and can be accustomed to bring more traffic and support transformations.
  • Maintain frequency for your blog to keep readers smiling– Numerous bloggers don’t motivate time to keep up their blog frequency in this manner search engine bots likewise don’t care for such blogs much. It is not that intense to keep up blog frequency, simply should be bit composed. However, composing post every now and again doesn’t imply that you compose articles not identified with your corner. Continuously compose article identified with your corner and take think about keywords.
  • Promoting your blog through Social Media Marketing strategies-Social proposal is the most ideal approach to advance an item and individuals will probably trust something when their companions or family prescribe something to them. Google comprehend it and they are taking social media as an awesome sign to rank a substance, you ought to include social bookmarking catches your blog so individuals can without much of a stretch share your substance on their most loved social bookmarking websites.
    Try using all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to make people aware about your brand and blogs. Millions of social media animals are active everyday so try to focus on specific demographic community and try to fascinate a particular type of audience to drive organic traffic for your blogs without making any investment. This is the most recommended marketing strategy that you must proceed with to make your blog popular and favorite among the users.
  • Use WordPress SEO plugins– No reason WordPress is famous is a direct result of the group of engineers it has. The product accompanies an immense business sector for nothing and premium modules. We secured, in point of interest, WordPress and important modules that make your WordPress site a SEO powerhouse. We’ll add a couple to the rundown for blog showcasing purposes as it identifies with natural search.
    Put XML sitemaps as an add-on to you blog which is just a simplified plugin to give your blog a boost.
  • Add a tool called as w3 Total cache -Website speed is a colossal component in website and blog achievement. Individuals anticipate that your site will stack rapidly. There is nothing more disappointing to somebody than waiting and waiting for content to stack. An excessive number of WordPress blogs take too long to stack. Getting a quality WordPress host will be a major help, however including the W3 Total Cache will include another layer of change.
  • Collaborating all the above mentioned methodologies- putting It All Together.
  • Organic traffic remains a noteworthy wellspring of traffic for blogs. Taking after the tips in this part will set your blog up for accomplishment with natural pursuit.
    All in all, write inside and out articles that are seen as superior to whatever other wellspring of content by your intended interest group. In the event that you make an option that is superior to anything others you’ll have no issue accomplishing great results in the natural rankings.
    Use WordPress and it’s free and premium modules to optimize your blog, pages and posts. It can tidy up the content so you’re discussing accurately and try connecting to index your blogs in the top rankings in the search engine. At last, make the sort of content that is most shared and connected to by your intended interest group and influencers in your industry. Joins remain a noteworthy part of the natural hunt algorithms so getting those key connections after some time will profit your blog.


Verdict-Each blog needs normal and high changing over traffic to survive and develop. In any case, you don’t generally need to make something new or spend additional cash to get traffic. You can support your traffic numbers, and transformation rates, by rolling out the right improvements to your SEO, back connecting and content advancement systems.

I’ve talked about numerous strategies that I’ve by and by discovered extremely powerful. However, I’d affection to hear how you draw in more traffic to your blog. if i missed any please give the remarks in comment section below.