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4 Great, Easy to Use Tools for Infographics


An infographic is a great way to go viral, earn links and social media shares as well as to give your content wings by re-packaging it.

When done well, infographics work like magic for driving traffic and exposure.

From presentation data, to visual resumes and just fun items to share through social networks, you can make intricate infographics in minutes. These five tools are an excellent way to do so.

Tools for Data Visualization

One of the most frequent questions I get is “How can I start creating infographics? Where to start?”. Well, this article is exactly about “Where to start”, as as well as how to get inspired and how to start experimenting with visual-based data.

If you are worried that creating an infographic will be too hard, you should be pleasantly surprised by these tools. All of them pretty much do the work for you, and yet the end result is professional looking.

  1. Visual.ly

Visual.ly infographics tools

Utilized frequently by high school students who want visuals for projects as well as by website owners who are looking for dynamic blog charts, this is a great infographic creator. You can make complex and attractive graphs, charts and visual graphics, then share them with others. You can also get ideas by looking through their large database of user created content.

Their specialty is Twitter data charts that are made using pre-created layouts that use your information gathered through signing into your Twitter account and organized for you. But they have many other options.

Life of Hashtag infographic infographics tools

  1. Creately

Creately infographics tools

If you want a more basic – but still attractive – style of graph without registering for a site, Creately is probably more your style. They have mind maps, flowcharts, pie graphs, bar graphs and more. They also have a team collaboration feature, which makes it great for joint projects or business use. A number of major brands use them, such as Good Year and Lenovo.

3. Visualize.me

Visualize.me infographics tools

Still in beta version, this is a really fun tool that allows you to create a visual resume by signing into your LinkedIn profile. All relevant data there will be worked into a graphic format, which you can then customize to your specifications. They have several layouts you can use, and you will be sure to stick out to your potential employers.

     4. Impress.ly

Stand out in the crowd with our new desktop editor

impress.ly infographics tools
Starting today, Impress.ly allows you to build a beautiful desktop site from your existing Impress.ly site, without breaking a sweat.

Even though websites are moving increasingly towards mobile-first experiences, that should not be a reason to let your desktop sites suffer. No platform or device should be underestimated. That’s why your Impress.ly website is automatically suitable for smartphone, tablet and desktop.


The most important thing about creating a viral infographic: idea comes first, then a design. So before you start looking for web design services to help you with your infographics, make sure you have an idea, try implementing it using the above tools and tutorials. Experiment and experiment again!

source : https://goo.gl/e1ZmC3


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