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Instagram Marketing Hacks To Make Your Business Boom

Instagram Marketing Hacks

New to using Instagram for business? Or on the other hand simply searching for tips  and tricks to make your Instagram marketing hacks more effective?  

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner searching for steps on the best way to utilize Instagram or a prepared store searching for  proprietor searching for some unique Instagram marketing thoughts by figuring out how to implement Instagram Marketing Hacks to boost your business,  you’ll probably get greater engagement, followers and, of course, customers.

In the following article, we will be looking into a couple of Instagram marketing hacks that will give you that much-needed nudge.

1- Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Before you embark on your Instagram marketing hack journey, make sure to an Instagram Business Account.

Instagram Business profile

Here is the list of advantages of doing the change to a business profile:

– Besides going by your site, your followers can tap on the contact button to connect with you.  

– You get access to Instagram’s analytics tools called Insights where you can see details, for example, impressions and reach for all your posts and content.

– It is easy to make and distribute Instagram advertisements without relying upon Facebook’s advertising tools.

– you can increase your posts visibility in front of your audience or followers in their news feeds.Making the switch seem like an easy step, Isn’t it?

Click here to know how to switch to an Instagram business profile


It is very challenging to inspire your followers to make a purchase from you on Instagram. Beyond liking, re marketing, and following your Brand on Instagram, you have to drive them to purchase from you. One approach to motivate them to do that is by highlighting a limited-time offer on one of your products. May be throw in a discount or coupon that they can redeem.

Instagram Promotions

With the help of tools, easily available on internet, you can add text on an image, you can add the coupon code to your image and add the discount link in your caption. Get them to act on FOMO (fear of missing out). It works relatively without fail.


You could likewise run contests on Instagram for your brand promotion. These could be anything like sweepstakes, photo contests, or comment-and-like to participate. This will directly influence the way users interact with your images and furthermore get them excited about your brand.

3Hashtag Marketing

Whenever you build up a new Instagram account or a new post, try to create a hashtag. There is no hard work to create a relevant hashtag for your post. All you have to do is add a hashtag (#) and your brand name. For example, Lakme India’s hashtag is #Lakmeindia. At the start, only you will be using your hashtag. However, as your brand grows in popularity in the form of followers and people start purchasing your products, you will see more people using your hashtag in their Instagram Pofiles. If your brand name is a common word, you can use your brand’s slogan instead.

In every Instagram post, you should always include up to 30 hashtags. Thirty is the max limit.

You might be wondering,how do I find the best hashtags?

Tools like Hashtagify allow you to find popular hashtags for your niche. It can also tell you how popular your hashtag is, top influencers using that hashtag, and which countries the hashtag is most popular in.

Hashtagify for Instagram

4- Use Instagram Carousels

Instagram carousel posts allow you to upload up to 10 images  in a single post. If you have a ton of related pictures you want to post without adding them into separate posts, this is the feature you need to utilize.

Use Instagram carousels if:

  1. You want to post several items from a similar collection. For example, if you have recently launched a collection of fashion accessories, rather than posting items in different posts, you might choose to make one post about all your best collections. Those who love the fashion accessories may want to scroll through some of your best collection on the app before jumping onto your website to make their purchase.
  2. If you hosted an event or a party, you could use Instagram carousels to browse event or party pictures for people. Carousel works great as it groups all the relevant pictures together. People who are interested in your event pictures will flip through the collection. And those not interested don’t have to see several different posts about the event.

Instagram Carousels

5- Instagram Live

Instagram Live is an incredible feature to use for Q&As, launches, making new announcements, takeovers, and branding your product.

Say you’re preparing to launch an event for your clothing line on Valentine’s Day. You might do a Facebook live where you talk about why people should buy from your store on V-day and what discount they could get for their partners. Since you’ll be live, it’ll keep your brand at top of mind while lowering your ad costs on the most competitive day.

One of the cool things about Instagram Live is that you can go live with a companion. This works extraordinary if you want to have an expert join in on your live session without physically being there. Your audience will still see both of you in the session. You can bring in guests each week to offer your customers a unique look into your niche from top experts.

Instagram Live is way similar to how we can see which all posts are trending on Instagram, we can also watch trending live broadcasts on the ‘Explore page’ by clicking the “Top Live” button in the upper left corner of the screen.
The Top Live videos that appear at the top of the Explore page are trending due to the amount of viewers and involvement of the users.

Instagram Live

6- Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising is among the most popular ways to get sales for your online store. You can create photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and Stories ads. While most create their Instagram ads on Facebook Ads Manager, you can also create ads on specific posts directly on Instagram.

To create Instagram ads on your Facebook account you need to do the following:

  1. On Facebook, click the downward arrow on the top of your account
  2. Click on “Create Ads”
  3. Choose your Marketing Objective

Facebook Campaign Objective

  1. After choosing your objective, click continue
  2. Give your Ad Set a name. For example, ‘Diwali Special 2018′
  3. Choose your website from the drop down. Scroll down to Purchase. Under Audience, add the audience you’d like to target.
    A- Add your budget and schedule
    B- Daily budget: You can set how much to spend each day
    C- Lifetime budget: You can set your total budget for the time period
    D- Schedule: Set the dates for when you want your ad to start and end
  4. Click continue
  5. Add your Instagram account
  6. Choose your ad’s format. You can choose from carousel, single image, single video and more.
  7. Next, add your copy to the ad
  8. Then add your image or video
  9. On the right hand side, scroll down until you find Instagram Feed
  10. Click Confirm

7- Instagram Analytics

With the recent update, business profiles on Instagram can access their analytics and reports directly from the API, which was not possible earlier.

We can keep a track of our content’s performance more effectively on third-party analytics tools outside of the Instagram app.

Instagram Insight


The new Instagram Insights API offers businesses a more convenient way to track their analytics, improve their content quality, and ultimately reach more potential users.

By tracking engagement data such as likes, comments, or clicks, you’ll have a clearer understanding about which types of content perform best, and you can use this data to optimize your content strategy for more engagement.

Instagram Insight


Bonus Tip:

Use the Instagram Partnership Feature to Get More Impressions on Your Sponsored Posts

Influencer marketing is now one of the most effective ways of reaching new and targeted audiences on Instagram for all businesses.

This is the reason why why such a large number of businesses are moving away from Instagram ads in favor of influencer marketing. By lining up with influencers who have “pull” with your target audience,  you can accomplish significantly more than you would with traditional advertising.

Instagram Paid Partnership

Instagram has recently rolled out a new paid partnership feature that is going to help all top influencers disclose their sponsored posts more easily.  

The feature essentially acts as a branded content tool that allows influencers to identify posts that are paid for by advertisers.

Instagram Paid Partnership

Thus, regardless of whether a user doesn’t effectively engage with a sponsored post by opening it, they may in any case find your business’ name at the highest point of a supported post while looking over their feeds.

This implies you can construct mark mindfulness and brand review essentially by showing up as a paid accomplice in a client’s feed.


What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

The upcoming blog will be on How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business  Stay Tuned!!