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How to make money through blogging ?

How to make money through blogging ?

Make money through blogging requires a topic of public interest or a field where you find yourself an expert. If you are a rookie player in the world of blogging or you just started writing blogs just look for a topic which the audience will find appealing. Bloggers nowadays are earning handsome amount of money by sharing their expertise in the form of valuable content. If you have already done this then its awesome, but there are still some uncertainties among new bloggers that how they are going to make money through blogging. Here will discuss step by step how to promote your blogs and gain audience, using which make money through blogging.You will not start earning money overnight and it requires patience.

Make money through blogging

1)Find an inspirational topic to fascinate the audience.

Some of the most successful bloggers provide content on a specific topic and target a special demographic. For instance- a blog made specially to focus social media news attracts a lot of spectators. To make money through blogging, instantly you need to find a niche which bloggers haven’t picked already . Never try to pick a topic which is broad enough to explain in your content. A topic related to fitness, gadgets, parenting, kids and business methodologies works most of the time. Analyze the similar topics you want to consider as a blogger in your search engine. Always try to create a compelling content and always update it frequently.You must use creative writing skills to attract a larger crowd towards your blogs.

2)Decide a best platform for blogging.

Always use a paid hosting service because free blogging platforms come with a lot of restrictions and hassle. Purchase a domain with adequate keywords. I recommend Bluehost because it is the most secured Web hosting and Domain buying platform which is available at very economical pricing structures. It enables you with WordPress web hosting services where you can easily create and manage your blogs by using different kind of themes, appearances, widgets, newsletters and many more. The Bluehost web hosting packages starts just at 3.45$ a month. Shared WordPress Hosting is available at 4.95$ a month and you can look for a yearly package which comes along with Domain, Web hosting and WordPress control panel.WordPress tools are easy to manage and develop a blog. You can also take an online tutorials for creating web designs or you can buy a template for your blog which can cost you around 20$ to 50$.

3)Start writing persuasive content for your blogs.

Writing original content with creative skills using managed keywords will lead you to the top and will help you earn a handsome amount of money. Therefore, the content writing skills are the compulsory requirement.

Till now we have learned some basics to gather an audience for your blog which will give a great head start  to you as a blogger. Now we will discuss the ways which will help you generate leads and help to make money through blogging,  which really matters the most for all of us.

Marketing techniques for your blog- You will need a marketing strategy to progress further

Google Adsense 

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. They make billions of dollars consistently from promoters who need to show up at the highest point of their search results. Google Adsense depends on this same standard. Through their Adsense program, Google can show this sort of advertisements on a great many different locales, giving the site proprietor a little rate of the sponsorship income. Bloggers use Keywords to relate the topic for their blogs. You can also use Google Keyword Research tool to get an approximation on what is the amount Google being paid by the advertisers for keywords. This is the best platform to advertise different products and generate money for bloggers. This is the most basic marketing strategy that you must use to make money through blogging. You are paid every time a viewer clicks a advertisement. This works on a Pay Per Click business model.

Social media advertisement campaign and post articles on Blog Directories

Try to generate traffic for your blogs with regular updates on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Look for blogging communities where you can paste your links in the comment section.These two ways will help you generate traffic for your blogs which is very essential for making money in blogging platform.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate money online. Affiliate marketing enables you to place referral links in your content to promote and advertise featured products. You can earn commissions or incentives every time a sale is generated for the product with the reference of your blog. This business model is also used by major brands or other businesses and you are getting paid for boosting sales of their products. You can join affiliate program and advertise products to your regular audience and you can also recommend them to buy the product.

Develop and sell your own product or create an online store

If you want to gain a profitable margin from your blog then you can also create and develop your own quality product. Creating your own product will wipe out all the money that was moving into the pockets of product promoters such as Google Adsense and Affiliate programs. You don’t have to hire employees to sell your product and you can deliver it to your customers from home. On the off chance that you are an expressions and specialties blogger, make a shop through etsy or another administration for offering your fine art. In the event that you are an essayist or artist, hunt down a site that will offer T-shirts with your mottos or drawings on them. Numerous blogs points are not effortlessly attached to items. You don’t have to offer anything to profit, yet in the event that it fits your site, do it. You can also sell ebooks, inspirational CD, software, online courses, workshop, images, videos, apps, themes, etc.

Viral strategy

Try using social media and promote yourself more and more.

Try to monetize through CPC or CPM

There are actually two ways to display advertisements which has helped many successful bloggers to earn money.

1) CPC r PPC ads

Cost Per Click ads or Pay Per Click are those advertisements which are placed in the sidebar widget on your blog and you can also call it as micro ads. You are paid every time a viewer hits a click.

2) CPM ads

Better mentioned as cost per 1000 impressions. They pay you a stable amount of money based on how many viewers saw the advertisement.

Try selling memberships

Another choice to profit is to sell memberships to selective corners of your site. For example, a profession blog may charge $10 to 15$ every month for clients to access their occupation board. A new company blog may sell memberships to their gatherings where individuals can get customized guidance about their business.
The key here is that your select membership must be more profitable than something your guests can discover with the expectation of complimentary elsewhere, so make certain you are creating something of quality and worth the cost.


You can also ask your audience to sign up for a Newsletter by typing their e-mails. You can send them emails , notifications and article regarding your blog . This serves as a bonus which can attract lost of viewers which in turn can help you to earn the potential amount of money from blogging.


Build your credibility through your blogging potential 
Blogging to assemble credibility can prompt numerous cash making open doors. Case in point, let us say you begin a blog in the money business. Individuals begin perusing your content, and your blog turns out to be exceptionally famous. You are presently a perceived figure in the account business. When you have that power, individuals may approach you to co-writer a book on obligation administration, or you could charge to talk at meetings or to run worker money related preparing days.

This absolutely isn’t an immediate type of profiting blogging, however it has worked for some outstanding bloggers, and it can work for you, as well. On the off chance that you are searching for an immediate income stream, well known blogs have sold for 4-7 figures (now and then more) by selling their marking and content.

The greatest thing to remember is that profiting blogging is impractical by putting your website up and giving it a chance to stay there. The “on the off chance that you manufacture it, they will come” attitude doesn’t work here, so make certain you are willing to invest the effort. Most bloggers see a spike of income for a while (now and again years) in the wake of beginning their blog. Before you jump too profound into blogging, recall these little bits of exhortation:

Make Quality Content

You are not going to profit from your blog if individuals don’t read it. All things considered, your perusers are the ones who are going to profit, whether they’re tapping on your advertisements or purchasing your items. Continuously put your perusers first.

Try not to Spend Your Time Exclusively on Your Blog

Building up a fruitful blog has a considerable measure to do with building connections. That can incorporate associations with backers, member accomplices, or essentially different bloggers who will guide movement to your blog. Make certain some of your time is spent on discussions and different blogs (or whatever works for you) to assemble these connections and your blog.

Try not to Be Afraid to Experiment

Not these tips and streets of income are going to work for you. Try not to be reluctant to change your techniques to see what works best for you and your perusers. Profiting blogging can take a considerable measure of steadiness, however it can pay off over the long haul in case you’re beginning starting with no outside help. Simply recall that you don’t need to utilize these cash making streets immediately. Consider what other individuals in your industry are doing, and begin from that point.


How much you have to spend for starting a blog
To start a blog you have to spend some money from your pocket, but it will be cost effective if you go for economical pricing. I will mention you cost for each module individually.
1)Domain and Webhosting-You must consider Bluehost for web hosting services. It charges you around 3.95$ to 6.95$ a month. They have introduced a promotional campaign for 4.95$ a month. Yearly packages start at 59$ and above. There are any packages which include domain along with web hosting services.
Hostgator charges $5.56 every month for their web hosting administration. For 1 year, you need to pay $66.72. In the event that you agree to 3 years, they will charge you at $3.96 every month ie $142.56 for a long time.
Recommendation- Bluehost
2)Cost of WordPress Themes- WordPress.org provides most exciting themes for your blogs. There are lots of themes available online for free, but you have to pay an amount for the premium themes. The Thesis is one of the premium themes which will cost you around 87$.The Thesis is available with exciting appearances, widgets, toolbars, sign up boxes, etc. Genesis premium are an another adorable the which will cost approx amount of 80$.
3)Cost of plugins- Plugins are available free of cost but, still ,there are still premium versions of the plugins which is not necessary to buy.
4)Hiring a blog setup provider is also available on the web. These part time employees will charge you a little fee per hour to set up your blog and develop a fully working blog for you.
5)Charges for highly skilled, creative blog writers per word to write an original content. The prices may vary between 15$-20$ per 1000 words.
6)Social media boost and marketing strategies may cost you another sum of 100$-150$

Please share if we missed any in the comment section below.

How to make money through blogging ?
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How to make money through blogging ?
Making money through blogging requires a topic of public interest or a field where you find yourself an expert. If you are a rookie player in the world of blogging or you just started writing blogs just look for a topic which the audience will find appealing. Bloggers nowadays are earning handsome amount of money by sharing their expertise in the form of valuable content.
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