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How to embed YouTube videos into Widgets.


Embed Youtube  videos into widgets section of your website is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your website and it help people to know more about your website via videos.It also helps you to increase your video views on  Youtube videos.

In this post you will learn how to put Youtube videos in your widgets section.

Steps for Adding the YouTube Shortcode to Allow Video Embedding

  1. You can get finer control over YouTube videos, as well as include them in Widgets, by using a Shortcode. The YouTube shortcode is a feature of JetPack so you will need to install Jetpack to use it.
  2. With  JetPack,  the process is slightly different than typical plugin installation.
  3. Go to Plugins click Add new then go to the plugins search box and type jetpack and click install.
  4. After JetPack is installed, enabled, and connected with WordPress.com, click on JetPack, then click on Settings.
    Click on the Writing tab. Then activate Shortcode Embeds by sliding the slider. Now you can use the YouTube shortcode, and others, for embedding video and other Media.
  5. Then go to Appearance, Customize, and Widgets.
  6. Choose a Widget Area such as Sidebar, and click on the Add a Widget button.
  7. Scroll down and find the Text Widget and give it a click.
  8. On the widget area it will say visual editor click  the Content area of the widget type an open square bracket, then the word youtube, then a space, then paste the YouTube URL, then type in a closing square bracket.
  9. In the Live Preview screen, if you see the video, then you are in.
    Code used in the above steps:

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