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Facebook Dynamic Ads, What are they and How to Create Them?


What are Dynamic Ads?

Facebook has launched a new variant of Ads known as Facebook Dynamic Ads. All you have to do is set up the dynamic ads, and Facebook does the rest. It helps you in promoting your website, by showing it to people who have expressed their interest in the products you sell, either by directly looking at your website, app or by browsing elsewhere. Just upload your catalog, and Facebook will automatically extract images as well as details from your catalog and make Ads for you. Facebook also updates pricing and availability of your products on its own. Basically, just upload your product catalogue and leave the rest to Facebook!

Through Dynamic Ads, you can interact with new, old or returning customers, all at once. You can remind them of the products they didn’t buy and end up increasing sales. However, make sure you have good images and accurate pricing. Target your audience selectively.


  1. If you integrate your websites to partners of Facebook like Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce, dynamic ads can be set up automatically.
  2. You can increase the number of app installs using Dynamic Ads. Facebook helps you in reaching the people who are actually interested in your products.


In order to use Dynamic Ads, you need to have logged into Facebook, and downloaded Facebook Pixel. Also, you must have your product catalog ready. Install Facebook Pixel on your website and create Audiences, they could be defined for example on the basis of pages viewed.

Start Here

-In the Ads Manager, Click on Create Campaign and decide on a name for the Campaign.

-Choose a campaign type, I chose “Catalog Sales”.

-For this you will need to upload your Product Catalog (at the Campaign level).

-After you upload your product catalog, your screen should look like this:

-Select the Ad account through which you would like to run your Ad, and create your Ad set. Further on, select your audience, placement, budget as well as the schedule.

Creating your Ad

-Your Facebook page will appear under “Identity”. You can also add your Instagram page to it.

-Choose the format you would like your Ad to be in. Choose Carousel if you want a slideshow of images of your Ad.

-You can select:

  1. Add a card with a fixed image at the beginning if you want the carousel to start with a fixed picture that stands for your brand.
  2. Add a card at the end of your Page profile picture if you would like to have a picture at the end of the carousel that redirects to your website.

-See More URL: Allows the user to go to a specific URL that is at the end of the carousel, instead of or in addition to the picture.

-Select the Image that you want your carousel to start with.

-Write your Ad in the Text portion.

-Write a catchy Headline and Description, as well as a Destination URL.

-After you’re done, click on Confirm.