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How to create Instant Articles for WordPress


Instant Articles for WordPress is one of the best way to make money using Facebook and your site content and in this post you will which is a complete guide on how to create Instant Articles for WordPress.

Instant articles for WordPress

To have instant articles work for your WordPress website, you should first download the Plugin called “Instant Articles for WordPress” on your website.

How do I install a plugin on my website?

-If you don’t know how to install a plugin on your website, click here: https://digitalmarketinghelp.live/how-to-install-a-free-plugin/

I have installed the plugin, now what?

-After installing the plugin, activate it.

-Now go to your Facebook page, and click on Publishing Tools.

-Go to About section of the Page.

publishing tools - Instant article for wordpress

-Go to developers.facebook.com

-Click on Get started

-Then go to Create new App, and write the name you would like to give your App.

Create app on Facebook - Instant Articles for WordPress

-Now, a new popup will appear, which will ask for the name you want to display as your App ID, as well as the contact email you would like to provide.

-After filling the details, copy the App ID and paste it on your website, under the plugin that you installed.

-Go to developers.facebook.com and open your dashboard.

-Go to settings and select Advanced settings.

-After that, under Business Manager – Select your Facebook page

-Set the Status to on, for this you must have a privacy policy on your website.

-Then Go to settings – Basic and show the App secret, and copy paste it to your website.

-Save the changes.

-Now, go back to your Facebook page and go to Configuration.

-Enter the URL, submit it.

-Go to your website, and open Posts. Select Add a New Post.

-You will get a Permalink. It is the link to your article on the website.

-You will see an option to Toggle Debug Information.

-Click on that, you will get a Transformed Markup.

-Select that, and copy it.

-Then on, paste it.

-Go to your Facebook Page.

-Under Production Articles, you should now find your Instant Article listed.



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