LSI Keywords or Latent Semantic are very important in SEO of a website.If you need to know the significance of LSI Keyword in SEO or on how to choose SEO keywords,please read the following post.

LSI Keywords-At a glance

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are the keywords which are generally witnessed together within a single topic and are somehow related to each other semantically.

Let’s say your post topic is “Digital marketing”. Generally, you would find multiple related keywords like “CPC”, “CTR”, “Impressions” and “Conversions”. As you write about a certain topic that you have done enough research for, a certain number of common keyword phrases will be found for that specific topic. LSI Keywords help the search engine to find out the central concept of the article you’ve written and help you drive traffic to your website through it.


LSI vs Long Tail Keywords

LSI keywords are words related to each other semantically while Longtail keywords are more descriptive in terms of search.

For example, a user looking for Digital marketing agencies types on the search engine- “Digital marketing agencies in South Delhi near Greater Kailash 2”. Now, the search engine gets to know how specific the user is being about his search, the search engine then only shows the agencies near Greater Kailash 2 rather than showing agencies in all of South Delhi or the whole state of Delhi. If a digital marketing agency targets the above keywords in their SEO or while running ads, the chances of their revenue would increase as they’re targeting the people who are very clear and specific in their research and would decrease the unnecessary clicks while running their ads or while targeting the audience.


How LSI Keywords will benefit your SEO

  • Google, as the most popular Search engine in the entire world now looks at the Context of your article rather than keyword density which means that your page will rank higher for the main keyword you use.


  • The barrier of limited keyword is broken with the use of these keywords as you can add closely related words to the main keyword. Let’s say your post is about a Dog and your main keyword that is, Dog, is limited so what you can do is you can add keywords like Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pug, Pedigree etc. so that the search engine gets to know that you’re talking about a Dog.

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Where to use these LSI Keywords?

Use these keywords throughout your post as long as they don’t sound vague or unnecessary but using them in the following places would help you to increase your SEO rapidly.

  • Page title
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • URL address
  • META tags
  • Images alt text
  • First paragraph of text
  • Links anchor texts
  • Last paragraph of text